Established in 2005, and reorganized in 2008, Beneficial Botanicals LLC is a woman-owned and operated on-line company supported by a team of herbalists producing handcrafted, small batch plant products from the United States. Products are bottled, packaged and shipped from the mid-west location in Missouri. Beneficial Botanicals is committed to providing quality products and responsive customer service as would be expected by anyone seeking alternative health solutions from a reputable and conscientious source.


Beneficial Botanicals’ gold label tinctures and infused oils are made from fresh, organically growing plants collected at peak season and wild crafted from a remote area in the United States. These robust and thriving plants are never sprayed with pesticides, herbicides nor subject to runoff water pollution. All plants are conscientiously harvested to preserve their sustainability so you can feel confident in the quality and care that has been taken to process nature’s offerings.

Beneficial Botanicals offers capsules that are made with the highest potency possible, hand selected at the optimum stage of growth. The mushrooms used for our capsules are USDA certified organic, cultivated in a controlled environment in the United States. Capsules containing herbaceous plants are naturally organic, wild harvested from a pristine area that is never sprayed with pesticides nor subject to runoff water pollution.

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