Lion's Mane Tincture

Tincture / Extract of Lion's Mane Hericium erinaceus

Information about this tincture's indications, dosage, and studies related to its use is provided for you HERE

Known Uses:
  • stimulate the nerve growth factor (NGF) in the central and peripheral nervous system
  • repair neurological degradation from senility
  • improve cognitive function
  • memory loss
  • reflexes
The tincture is made with only the fruiting bodies from wild harvested Lion's Mane growing on dead logs in a pristine area of the U.S. It does not contain mycelium which is included in the capsules. Here's why only the fruiting bodies are used in the fresh tincture. The mycelium is located in the core of the dead trees as small fine threads extended throughout. The mycelium stays in the logs and continues to produce the fruiting bodies for years to come, until the core wood has been "consumed" by the fungus and the mycelium dies. The fruiting bodies create spores which colonize other nearby dead logs.

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